Monday, April 27, 2009

My children play the orphan well

at least my little boys do. They are quite talented at getting this funny looking pathetic look on their faces. Stefan will lie in his bed after realizing I mean business and stare straight ahead with his little skinny self orphan look. He has taken up the habit of lying prostrate on the floor with a little sobbing here and there too. I have to try not to laugh.

Benjamin desperately needs me to locate his summer clothes. I told him to go to bed in his skives (spelling?) and he looked at me with the pathetic orphan look of 'oh oh mom, I have nothing on' and being basically pathetic.

That is all that is new and exciting here today. It isn't even new. The days are definitely muddling. Hot and sweaty today with a feeling of not having accomplished enough. Sigh. Thankful dear 16yo old son paid attention to my rant this morning and cleaned the kitchen without being asked......that is an accomplishment for sure.

I need to read the Hobbit fast and furiously as the boys are having too much fun zipping through it. I am looking forward to something not quite so depressing as our previous reads.
Nighty nighty.

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