Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Training kids to use their brains

The DOWN side to homeschooling I think is that the kids tend to rely too much on me, the mom, to keep track of their lives. The various groups they are involved with almost always give them schedules and for some reason they tend not to look at them or give the parental units advance warning of events to come. I guess there has been some improvement but I don't seem to recall my parents keeping track of any of my life when I was their age. So how do I get my kiddos to take more responsibility and WHY do other people seem to think or imply that I had something to do with messing stuff up when they drop the ball. Excuse me while I peel a baby and toddler off my head and help you keep track of your life and plan for it. Oh yes, this mommy is sometimes negative. Persevere, persevere, persevere...... Hopefully we survive Holy Week, the month of April and all the summer fair stuff that is looming ahead of us a month earlier this year. Then there is the mommy suffering from contemplating changes in the family next fall with one less load of laundry to be done etc.......sniff, sniff. B positive.....wish I had that blood type and not O negative......perhaps I would be of sounder mind.

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