Sunday, March 29, 2009

I do so love two year olds

That may sound insane but there is something so endearing to me about a two year old discovering life etc., all their little antics, their adoring love for their mommy and daddy, and just their cute little selves. I will miss Stefan not being two any more. He has the most serious conversations with me and he is ever so helpful. Sigh. I was staring into his little eyes as he pointed out all of Ingrid's body parts (and laughed at my chubby tummy.....biking, biking.....). Those eyes are so very serious in what they are saying. I could just spend all day just talking to him. He sits on the counter with me while I am cooking and watches everything I do and talks and talks. I love watching him play outside too. He is a man on a mission. It fascinates me that this little person can have so much fun just running and playing, digging and riding on his little bike. He also loves to tell everyone what is going on. "Anna, cum HERE, eat! Daddy! Daddy! Cum here!!!! ime to eat Daddy!!! " Sigh, sigh and double sigh.

Holding a friend's newborn today was sweet as well. His little newborn self was gazing about, snuggling on my shoulder and making all those newborn gestures.....arms swimming about and his little frustrations dealing with hicups etc. THAT passes way too quickly. On the other side of me was another 'newborn' - five weeks. She is getting visibly bigger by the day. I don't see growth in my own babies in that same way of course since I am with them all the time but wow, babies are amazing. Keep your eyes wide open everyone and don't blink!

Sigh. Sentimental I am......

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