Saturday, March 28, 2009

Too much to get done, no motivation

Sigh. In brief, we keep slaving away at schoolwork, and our life outside this crazy house and life inside this house keeps getting more and more out of control. Today is the day I go to the market and I need to go to the feed store for potato seed etc, so what usually happens is that while I am away at these errands, people strangely get hungry, work on things like roofing the barn, and generally speaking there is no one left to work on keeping up on the cleaning and.......and......and......the house gets worse not better. The FlyLady can't help my mood here and frankly I AM overwhelmed. Tyranny of the urgent seems to be reigning here. Besides the errands, the paper work/bills need addressed the worse so the house will still putz along. Good thing we are not having co-op here right now. Sigh, sigh, sigh.....where to begin. The older male population is out at the barn again and they will be hungry before you know it. I will be quiet now and go change another diaper.

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TruthQuestioner said...

I sure do sympathize. It seems like when I have a lot to get done, I have absolutely no motivation. I just sort of stare at the pile blankly as if if I leave it long enough it will do itself.

Here's a hug of encouragement!