Sunday, March 15, 2009

Opportunities to sweat

Anna and I are making up neighborhood clean-up signs. That will certainly be a reason to sweat. ANYTHING to burn off some fat cells. Yes, I am obsessed. There are women I know who JUST had a baby who are skinny as all get out and I am just stuck. I was invited to go to Fernwood this afternoon but I can't as we are having dinner guests over at five. There are more leaves to rake, and signs to deliver to people about the clean-up so that will take off some fat cells. I could scrub all the floors in the house on my hands and knees but I think the cooking will take over at somepoint. The husband is also working on my kitchen so I hope I don't break into a sweat figuring out how to cook for guests when the kitchen is torn up. I can be pretty creative that way though. I better RUN!!!!!


Rev. Robert Franck said...

It seems that once again you haven't updated the "view from my window."

That view might as well still be the one in Duluth. It's been nice and warm lately, though, and the snow depth will be shrinking dramatically this week. Saturday was officially 10 inches.

Karin said...

Ok, ok...there's no snow anymore but no green either. The daffadils are coming up around the yard though.