Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Mornings are very tricky around here. Everyone wants the best breakfast food available and silently (well not everyone is silent) plod along on their quest to just go to their happy place, eat their precious breakfasts, hopefully digest before they begin worrying about the tasks before them and not surprisingly generally don't think of anyone else but themselves. It is amazing to me how another body (there are quite a few of them around here) can stand in the way of another person's happy place.

At what point in my life did I figure it out that perhaps it is nice to be polite and look to the needs of others before my own? I really do think it was at this camp I went to. Sure maturing helps but maturing does not always happen for everyone.

So we forge ahead, muddle along, and pray that by the time these kiddos grow up they might learn that although our stomach grumbles, although we can't deal with a lot of bodies rumbling around looking out for their stomachs, that smiling and quietly helping others out is not a bad idea. Loads of kid bodies DO NOT think of others first, they are uncoordinated, they rarely plan ahead for accidents that might happen as a result of their actions, and they can easily fall apart at the seams. I am convinced that the word maturing is sort of irrelevant while comparing adults or older kids to two year olds. It all depends on the choices made by the individual how "mature" they will chose to be.

Where will I run today????

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