Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Looking at a few pictures lately of moms with their brand new babies reminded me of the fact that there are very few pictures of me at all. I have pictures of me with my brand new babies but as the mothers mentioned above observed, they are not always the most flattering. I thought about this well over a month ago while at a visitation for a friend of Charley's who died in early February. Leo had GREAT pictures of himself, all taken by others of course, holding his kids and grandkids and of the times he spent in general with his family. So I got to thinking. If the only pictures my family can find when they have to put together some poster of me, is of me having just given birth, then everyone can comment on how I look better than I did while I was alive! Isn't that amazing. This is a post that was long in the making so a few others have heard this observation already. I am usually the one taking pictures and pictures are almost always taken of the kids and almost never of me. The poster can also include pictures of me hoeing the garden and snow blowing the driveway. This is why there are no pictures of me on facebook. I will have to put up one of those not so flattering post birth pictures eh? Then people can comment on how much better I look now.

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