Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two happenings I found amusing

I took my kids and my friend's kids to Maple Syrup Days (I think that is what it is called). They had a demonstration of how some people think the Indians made maple sugar. They basically had a hollowed out log with sugar water in the hollowed out part. Then they were putting hot rocks into the water to cook off the water so that in theory it would boil down to make maple sugar. Well.......we proceeded to the modern day sugar house and the kids all went in to see what was involved in making a gallon of maple syrup. I am fairly familiar with this process so I eventually took Ingrid outside and waited outside the door for them to finish up. The kids did seem to have enjoyed the talk and I asked them what they learned. My friend's ten year old son in his classic dry tone said "I learned that there is not much chance the Indians made much maple sugar in hollowed out logs with rocks" (The talk told them it took forty gallons of sugar water to make one gallon of syrup). Well....I found this amusing and clearly he was paying attention to the talk. I love that boy.

The other moment of amusement was during church this morning. Ingrid has become quite the little wiggler/screamer during services. I had her for most of the service and Charley offered to take her out. I was not going to argue. So there I was, just me, myself, and I and thought to myself "Gosh this is a nice little breather" and glanced down the pew at my other little cherubs. They glanced back and suddenly they all shifted down to squish themselves on and beside me. It was like a signal went off - ah, the little squirt is gone, time to attack. I wondered if the church tipped as all that weight moved over. I found it funny anyway. I'm glad somebody loves me :o).

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