Monday, March 30, 2009

Martin's latest ha ha moment

My sweet ten year old son came home from Scouts tonight all excited because they are supposed to collect cans for Scouts for Food. I told him, sure there were some things we could certainly put towards that in the pantry downstairs and then Matthew mentioned that they could go down the street to collect some more. Well.....I am not sure EXACTLY how Martin put it but since he collects the recycling he said he could go through the recycling bin and get some more cans........ The lightbulb went off in my head. I started to chuckle. "Martin, there needs to be food IN the cans." Then I really started laughing. "Don't you think the poor would like to eat what is in the cans we give them or rather just contemplate how good the food must have been that isn't in there anymore?" Martin then understood and started laughing too. I said "Hey Martin, there is an empty chip bag downstairs. I'll give it to you tomorrow so you can think about how yummy they must have been." More hysterical laughing. Now I can't stop laughing myself. Kids are so cute.

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