Saturday, March 07, 2009

Friday's Ha Ha

I took Erik to the bank to put some of his money in cds and while I was there decided for Matthew that I would do the same with some of his money. They have chaulked up little nest eggs for themselves with their animal projects etc. When I got home I told Matthew I had bought some CD's with his money in the bank. I wasn't really thinking anything was odd about this comment but he looked at me a little stunned and said "you did what Mom?" Then it dawned on me he thought I had purchased music cds with his money. SO.....I couldn't resist "Yes Matthew the van is full of cds. Hope you don't mind and I just thought since you had some extra money that you wouldn't mind too much if we got some cds with it". I then told him what CD means. "Ohhhh, ok mom." relieved son.

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