Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Biking week two

So I have completed two weeks of biking. This week went a little better. I don't feel like a TOTAL wimp anymore. Hills have gotten a little easier and I even managed to get up a few in a higher gear. Phew. I plan to stick to this route for at least two more weeks before going and farther. Perhaps I should make that four more weeks. Trying to find time to do this has been a challenge but so far so good I think I have only missed a few days.

I am soliciting Erik's help to help me do some strengthening exercises. Again I am starting in on that SLOWLY as I don't want to knock myself out of commission. Erik seems delighted to be my personal trainer and I even asked him to look into more information about this subject to help his old mom out. I do need to take the boys with me when I am biking more often as when I go alone there are places that give me the creeps. Being isolated and a wimp is not a good combination. There are LOTS of spring flowers coming out though so that gives me something fresh to look at. I figured out that my route is almost exactly five miles and it is taking me a little under 30 minutes to complete it. The hills definitely slow me up for about half of the route but like I said that was a little better. Time to go hit the hay before the exercise known as mommyhood hits again tomorrow.

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