Friday, March 06, 2009

The key to toddlers actually sleeping

Wear them out. Our first dog was a crazed Dalmatian and I walked that dog at least four miles a day to wear him out some so he would leave us alone at home. Our little Stefan can definitely wear us out with his displeasure about almost anything. He also would not sleep long enough in the morning and Matthew was getting worn out from getting up early with him. Well.....yesterday was gorgeous and we kicked him out to play. He didn't want to come back in and he played and played all day. He did take a little nap but out he went again. He ate well, and JUST got up to greet another beautiful day. This boy loves to be outside and I think we will have more peace around here now that it is thinking of warming up outside. The Stefan screaming was beginning to make us all nuts. At least I do not have to walk the boy four miles as he I am sure walks four miles on his own. He slept from nine (OK, we got to bed a little late last night) till eight this morning. Oh happy day.

Now to go cook and clean. Yippee!!!!!

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