Monday, March 09, 2009

Music and mid-life crisis

Perhaps this is what is called a mid-life crisis. I go with Anna to her piano lesson and it just makes me want to get back into music. I LOVED making music when it happened in my life that I could and I miss it. I miss ensembles and symphony and playing with friends. I miss my horn teacher. Anna's piano teacher reminds me of her. I suppose this is all longing for self-indulgence but music was a HUGE part of my life once upon a time. I suppose I sort of regret not majoring in music and I am VERY excited for Anna that she will be able to.

The other part of my mid-life crisis is.......being and feeling fat. Ugh. I used to be in such great shape and even if I was in good shape I certainly wasn't fat. Yes, people say "You are NOT fat" but a wardrobe hides a multitude of sins. I can't seem to kick the fat and want to do something about it. Even though jogging was not recommended I think I will try any form of exercise that might be available or reasonable to do considering the weather and time for now.

Last don't think I can handle long hair. Other people's hair is long and beautiful. Mine, if it even thinks about getting long, is drippy and heavy and takes too much time. It also accentuates every fat cell of my there you have it. I want to be able to wear the clothes I have and not EVEN think about looking for clothes that fit a little looser. NOOOOOO!!!!!! That would be succumbing to my fatness! Am I ok? Sure.

Have a wonderful, cheery day folks.

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