Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Battle of the Bulge

Dh brought this movie home and no, I do not think I can stay awake for all that. It did me make think of my own Battle of the Bulge. I can not wait to get my hands on a hoe. Rakes and shovels are sounding good too and the grass should be growing soon too. Yippeee!!!!! Sweat! Playing with bees makes you sweat too and that too sounds delightful. Jockeys used to put on suits similar to bee suits to lose weight so bee keepers can too. I am hoping to have the most pampered bees this summer. I couldn't touch them last summer as I did not want to get a new suit just to fit.

Ingrid has been a little naughty lately and is reminding me of baby Cecilia. Cecilia used to pinch me all the time and little Ingrid is picking up similar habits. At least she isn't laughing at me yet like her big sister did. Cecilia had an abrupt weaning.......poor child. I don't even think she noticed. Ingrid, I think, just needs daily manicures or something. She has knives for fingernails. Ouch.

Off to nighty night land......sooooo tired. Fell asleep during the family movie watching. Some people I know fall asleep during conversation.....


Mossback Meadow said...

My uncle was killed at the Battle of the Bulge. He was drafted right out of h.s., and they needed bodies so badly the new soldiers weren't well trained. He was only overseas for about 3 weeks before he was killed in Jan 45. He was part of a recon unit that was walking into Sessenhiem, France, and they were surprised by a group of tanks. He was injured and taken to a church where he bled to death. He told his family before he left that he wouldn't be back. It breaks my heart. My dad was 16 at the time and was greatly affected.
It must have been an awful winter for anybody involved. I can't watch stuff like that now Karin.

Karin said...

You are SOO right Polly. I am sorry if I used the Battle in sort of a joking reference. It is odd though to me that the older people I know don't really talk much about this time period in their lives. I suppose that is mostly good for them as I am sure dwelling on it would be rather depressing. We have a youngster in our co-op who is fascinated by all things WWII. I only knew one man, Charley's cousin, who would talk endlessly about Normandy. He was deaf as a post from driving tank and I wish we had recorded these stories. They were definitely interesting.

Our neighbor was in the Pacific and he can tell very interesting, unbelievable stories but he does not bring it up himself.

I can see in light of Caleb being in the military that this is not something you would sit around and watch for enjoyment. War movies to me are definitely guy flicks. I am too tender hearted and steer away. Chicken I suppose.