Friday, March 20, 2009

Busy days and mobile Ingrid

I am theorizing that the busyness of the last few weeks is making everyone so distracted that any 'normal' life activities are not working. I think this busyness has also made time to just sit and talk things out nearly impossible. These are just a few random observations that.....are probably not that true but just how thing seem to me. I have had too many little misunderstandings lately that it makes me wonder if anything I say is making any sense so......I might try avoiding the communication thing a little for awhile.....biking.....reading......entertaining Ingrid.

Ingrid is FAST and getting faster. She is becoming quite adept at moving backwards and then turning around to get whatever is within reach. Babies really are amazing. They grow and change SOOO fast that blinking at this age is rather depressing. How long till she will be disappearing out of the room or out of the house???? Hopefully she gets some hair soon. She is altogether adorable. She has been saying Ma ma directly at me for well over a month. She regularly has panic attacks if I leave her sight and she is making up for her littleness quickly with her rampant appetite. She is ever so sweet.

Gotta scoot out the door.....again....

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