Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Exercise progress week one

I spent the week running and biking in my 'spare' time. The running part was going OK and I was able to go a little longer each time but as soon as my knees felt twinges of pain I decided to stick to the biking. Biking takes longer but it seems to be of equal challenge for this slovenly body of mine. It is also a lot easier on my knees as a wise young man pointed out. I would love to take my mp3 player with me to prevent my mind from working too much but I guess that is not a good idea. I am writing this down mainly so next week I can check this out and compare it to next weeks progress.

We have quite a few hills south of town so I spent much of my time geared completely down. I also noted that even the prospect of standing up to go faster up hill was more than I could handle. This will take time and PLEASE do NOT give me any girl scout cookies or any other such temptation right now! After one child I stuck to popcorn as my treat of choice and that did make a difference too so perhaps I will try that too. I am just happy the weather has been cooperating to allow me to get out and try this at all but something MUST be done. We'll see if I can manage to get up the hills a little faster next week and keep my mind from wandering off into irrational thought land.


Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

Good for you, Karin. Well done. I should follow your example! I need to discipline myself to follow the workout advice that my dear eldest son has given me. Getting my bike in shape to do some riding would be a great idea, too. And walking with my wife again, now that the weather seems to be cooperating (knock on wood).

Anyway, way to go! No Girl Scout cookies here ;-)

Karin said...

Thanks. I am sure LaRena would delighted if y'all jumped on the band wagon. I was happy for Nick to see him working out too. Yay! I must admit it does make me feel overall a little more sane. Zach would be happy too ;o) I'm glad you don't have GS cookies.