Saturday, March 07, 2009

Funny shower game

I was searching for baby shower games last night and came upon a funny one. I am not sure it is just a baby shower game but it worked. It said to take a basket of mismatched socks and time people matching them. The person with the most matched socks wins. I did a little different twist and since I had access to my own sock basket and two other families baskets, we made up teams and I gave them ten minutes to match socks. The mom given the shower had her basket there and the team that worked on it made 69 matches in those ten minutes. As she would say "sweet!" They were the winners. The other two baskets made 48 and 28 matches. Not too shabby. They all had fun. I think I would call this the large family shower idea or game idea. Maybe we can do this at voters meetings or potlucks. :o)

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TruthQuestioner said...

Back in the days of youth [:P] when Mom made us match socks, Snap and I would race. Whoever ended up with the most matches won. It made sock matching a whole lot more fun. She usually won.