Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4H fair earlier this year

They switched our fair to the beginning of July so we are in the midst of turn in week. I am sure I will in the long run love this plan as it will give me the rest of the summer to concentrate on schoolish stuff and maybe even do some fun things with the kids. June has been crazy busy and I can tell I am drooping today. Perhaps I will catch a nap later this afternoon. That would be fun. I slept horribly last night and had the craziest dreams. Yesterday I did not sit down except for at church and even there I was baby and toddler wrestling. Charley worked late and got up at 4:00am or somewhere thereabouts. The house is a total wreck still but I detect the kitchen improved some this morning. Thank you Erik.

Let's just say life has been ridiculously busy and I look forward to things calming down a little. Enough whining for today.....

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