Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am SO obnoxious

Have you ever been to one of those roundabouts where it is designed for the traffic to keep moving? I could not believe my eyes this morning when this poor woman who clearly had never even attempted one of these things STOPPED at every intersection of the turn. Can America handle these things? I love them and swiftly whipped around it when she finally got off. Poor thing. I am surprised an accident didn't happen.

Then I am so naughty.......I went to Target to get training pants for Stefan and Benjamin was looking a little unkempt with his shoe laces dragging all over the place. I was thinking "someone is going to point out to me that his shoes are untied"........."Wait for it......" ..........."Ma'am. Your little boys shoes are untied" (less than a minute later) I replied with a big smile "Why thank you!!!" in a very sing songy way. Sigh. I did consider walking round and round the store and counting how many times someone told me that. I still wear the tshirt which says "This woman needs all the help she can get because she won't notice these things that you are noticing without help". I know, I know.....he was just being nice but really? I tend to just give moms knowing looks when there little cherubs look less than put together. I had to rush home afterwards to avoid the public and being informed of any other idle information about what is wrong with my children......I am SOOO obnoxious.

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Moria said...

Well, at least they don't go around telling you that YOUR shoelaces are untied, which sometimes happens to me :).