Monday, June 22, 2009

A slow, not entirely uneventful day

Time goes VERY slowly when I am at my parent's house. After dropping Martin off at camp, I hung out at my parents most of the day. I can not believe how slowly the day passes here. I usually am so busy at home that there is never enough time to get much accomplished before the day is done. So why do things go so slowly here???? I suppose playing on facebook and watching kids play on the floor and running a two year old to the potty is not exactly a lot of activity. I am glad we did not go on a walk though as I understand it was very hot out today. I guess I didn't notice.

After picking up Martin in the afternoon I called my high school buddy's mom, Mrs. Speckhard, and went over for a quick visit. I expressed my sympathies in the loss of her brother, who until this winter I did not even realize was a 'famous' person. Her brother was Richard Neuhaus. She shared her last week with her brother and how SHE did not even realize HOW well known and respected he was. She knew him in a different way. She was thankful for her time with him and the time she had last spring when he was in Valpo to speak and got to spend a few days with him of course not realizing it was the last visit with her family. Let's just say it is a conversation I will remember for a long time, not because her brother was famous, but because of the love in her voice, the candidness of the conversation, and the thoughtfulness of her comments about her brother's dealing with his own mortality. I pray my children have the same opportunities in life to share in every aspect of this life here on this side of heaven.

We spent the evening lounging around my parent's house and enjoying total down time. This does not happen very often. Stefan is just loving it and all his cute little important proclamations are what I need to hear more often. Who knows how long I will stay up now that the little Ingrid is in bed but seeing how relaxed I'm feeling I don't think I will be up very long. Maybe I will take that walk around campus tomorrow......


Moria said...

Small world. Did you ever meet him?

Karin said...

I may or may not have. She had guests all the time. If he was anything like his sister or mother I would say I met him through them. I love that family and they have been quite the roll models for me. It was a privelege to speak to her about such a private time.