Monday, June 22, 2009

On the go

Last week and this week have been VERY busy. We went to the CCA symposium last week and enjoyed every minute of that. Came home Friday night, woke up Saturday morning to take Anna to put a wedding cake together for our Goddaughter who was married later that day. We got home close to eight o'clock in the evening from the whole day's adventures. Sunday I tried to just enjoy the day without sweating the upcoming week and everything I was leaving behind in the line of responsibility.

This morning I packed Martin, Benjamin, Stefan and Ingrid in the car and took off for Valpo to take Martin to Invention Camp at the engineering building on campus. The last time I was in Gellerson was for Charley's Senior Project presentation. It was odd to be there this morning. I suppose Charley and I did go to a class reunion where there was an Engineering reunion as well so it has not been as long as I thought. My parents are in Maine and will be returning tomorrow afternoon. At that point I will only be able to visit for a short time and then take the short people home with me and my parents will be taking Martin for the rest of the week.

Wednesday afternoon Anna, Erik, Ingrid and I take off for Bloomington for Anna's freshman orientation. We will be returning Friday evening. I have a feeling that will be a bit crazy considering Ingrid being with us. Sigh. I am sure I will be the only mom with an infant there. We will figure things out.

Saturday I will be home running around with last minute 4Hfair stuff to get together and Matthew leaves for Boy Scout camp. Martin leaves for Scout camp on Sunday. The fair won't be too bad once we get the few projects we have turned in. We really do not do too much with the fair anymore and from the rest of our life, I can see why. It is not physically possible to do all these things well and I need the least amount of stress possible. I am hoping to really enjoy July and spend time at the pool etc.

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