Friday, June 26, 2009

Back from Bloomington

It has been a LONG week with two days in Valpo with Martin and the little ones, then three days in Bloomington with Anna for orientation. I'm glad that is all over with. I think everything went well. Passing the baton to Anna to take care of stuff is an interesting experience for me in that sometimes I don't know if I SHOULD take care of things or let her take care of them. Everyone is VERY tired with the heat and just being disconnected so I am hoping that in spite of the 4H Fair the next two weeks that we will be able to get somewhat settled and enjoy some of the summer. My thoughts are on the upcoming school year and each kids individual goals and whether I will be able to do everything. I will try to remember what I tell others when they ask "How do you do that?" (parenting eight kids) which the reply is "One day at a time". If everything works out for Anna I know she will have a great time and learn a lot during her experience at IU. I figured out a lot of stuff that I needed to know and I know Anna did too. Two more months til she is off on her journey. My roll as her helper is certainly diminished as I know she is quite capable and not as interested in my every question about stuff so I am sure this is part of my own growing pains.

Tomorrow morning I run out to the bee hives with Erik to see if they even have a beekeeping project to turn in this year. I better get to bed.

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Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

Nice to see that you are safely back home again, and that all went well in Bloomington. I'll look forward to hearing all about it soon. Hope you all sleep well tonight.