Friday, June 12, 2009

I really hate housekeeping

This is no news to my mother and other related people but keeping house is not top on my list of things that bring me joy and pleasure. Having eight kids and housecleaning is NOT a great combination either. We cleaned the house all day yesterday and it looked mildly better and frankly I did not think it was that bad to begin with but for some reason it still looked cluttered and chaos like. The house cleaning is generally what puts me in a cranky mood to begin with. If we were not eating then it would be easier. Laundry is also a problem so maybe only wear one outfit a week like people used to do. Work, work, work. Then there is the ten acres to keep up with. Ugh, I am whining again. Ten acres is a lot to keep up with. I love to mow the lawn but if I mow the lawn the garden doesn't get weeded. If I do not exercise like a a maniac my blood pressure goes up. If I do any of those things, I am not paying attention to my little people. If I go out of town I have to have all of the yard work caught up before I go and food lined up or the rest of my family suffers while I am gone and when I return. If I don't leave and go to places like CCA then I feel dried up and start feeling jealous and bitter towards those who can just trip off without a care in the world to do these things.

Believe it or not I am hoping today goes well and everyone has a good time. Friends are coming and they are looking forward to a good time too so I will revel in that. The above paragraph is just my frustrations with never feeling like I can look forward to a day of just resting and not feeling guilty for taking care of myself or just having fun. I DO really hate housecleaning and heaven sounds ever so wonderful in light of the pain that dirt and grime wreck havoc on my psyche here. Who would ever have guessed I would have eight kids and the grime that goes with that. I will try to post something perky soon.

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