Friday, June 12, 2009

Visit with college roommate and family

My college roommate, her husband and three kids came today to play. Her husband is a professional photographer and he took lots of graduation type pictures of Anna. We tried some here at home and then it occurred to me to take them to Tippecanoe Place for a better background etc. I called ahead and they said anyone can take pictures there as long as they are open. It was great! He got pictures of Anna in her new awesome dress and some more casual ones in jeans and casual wear. Very nice. It will be interesting to see how they came out. Anna is pretty and pretty photogenic.

They also came to visit and their kids had a blast. They played and played outside in country land and were not afraid of dirt, bugs, frogs, poison ivy, etc. I sent them home with our Fels Naptha bar of soap in hopes they don't get it. I think they think this place is better than Disney Land. The parents were very happy too as their kids barely said boo to them all day.

The older crew enjoyed talking it up while eating and having a beer or two :o) It was nice to not have to worry too much about exactly what their kids got into as the parents did not seem at all appalled by how dirty they got. Three very blond kids covered from head to toe in dirt. You can't do that at Disney can you? We talked about all sorts of things and not that much about the old times. Mainly it was catch up time. I will have to explore Valparaiso University a little further when I go with Martin in a little over a week. I am curious what has changed and my understanding is it has changed A LOT!

Anyway it was a lot of fun and I did not take a single picture but he took probably as many pictures as I take in a year. Photographers have so much fun. I am sure some of you will see him again sometime. It was a nice graduation present from her Godmother that is for sure. We enjoy them most for their company though. ;o)


Anan said...

Oh Mom...

OFHP said...

Glad to hear you had such a fun day
and can't wait to see all the pics of your beautiful dd !!