Thursday, June 04, 2009

In need of reducing stress

The month of June is looming ahead of me and somehow I would like to make it as stress free as possible. Considering the amount of events going on I am not sure that will be entirely possible. I am going to have to really be on top of having the kids help with keeping on top of things. I am doing my best, but I think I am making myself more stressed trying to get to everything. I suppose that also means I am going to have to be satisfied with less getting done or at least whatever it is taking more time. I can be such the stress woman. Summer is supposed to be down time in most people's minds but it certainly has not struck me that way when I look at what is ahead. I will be gone for almost two weeks this month!!!! Ugh. I hope my dear husband has processed that. I will have to get some food cooked ahead so his month does not go to the dogs just trying to help keep up around here. How many ways can I say "keep up with stuff around here." Schedule, schedule, schedule.....I am such a seat of my pants sort of person this will certainly be a challenge. Planning ahead to reduce stress smacks of that FlyLady. She is very wise and that is the only way I will survive this lovely month. People might start singing "Where have all the Horner's gone" as I won't be here to haul them. Perhaps a few could be picked up here and there so their lives are not totally turned up-side-down.

On to the next thing......

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