Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Finally got below pre-pregnancy weight

So I have proved to myself that it is possible for me to lose weight and didn't take too many months. That is encouraging. I still would like to keep working on this as there is the pre-prepregnancy weight that might only be a dream but dreams are nice sometimes. My wardrobe is again a big mess as I now have to hunt down the old wardrobe that fit once in awhile. I have not exercised much in well over a week what with that life thing getting in the way. I am hoping for a walk this evening with Cindy since biking is most likely out. I gave blood this afternoon and walking with Cindy is not quite as strenuous and I could always use a therapy session as an added bonus.

I have also discovered that I am not even able to stuff myself too full anymore as eating less makes for less room in the tummy wummy. Yay!

I need to go tackle my little closet so it is not spilling all over with the clothes I am not using anymore. Life is sometimes complicated.


Amy said...

This is the best!!

Karin said...

I saw your comment about your brown pants. Getting a wardrobe (back) without buying it IS the best!