Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trying to be happy with what I got done today

My to do list is ridiculous. Then there is the human interaction thing as well and I would hate to think that is on a to do list. It does seem like most of my days I spend trying to put out as many fires as possible and line up the troops with the water brigade to be the most effective with our time. "Are they getting any smarter? Check. Are the floors disgusting? Check. Who can clean them or is it faster to do it myself? Check. Any bills languishing in my room? Check." and so on and so forth. So why do I feel if I have gotten a lot done in one day that makes it a better day than if I had a headache and slugged around. Perhaps my children enjoyed my sluggardliness more than being put to task on the day with the headache? I have been musing on my stress level related to my contentedness or lack of content with each day. I've been told my blood pressure is border line. Hmmmm.....I would rather not go the medication route as I have heard nasty stories about that but I'm pondering how much my stress level or self perceived stress level is related to my health. It seems there is some sort of connection between them. If I don't get a lot done I shouldn't freak out as I am certain that does not help the stress.

My other stress buster idea is 'try harder' to plan meals and the house cleaning a little more. These two should not put me under the table. Organization and accountability to keeping any sort of sense of routine have never been my strong suit but when some doctor is threatening meds I think it is time for me to get over it and make a little time to tackle this. I envision this wondrous plan going to pot if I find myself expecting any other little Horner (don't feint mom, this is not an announcement just a musing) and THAT would be the time I would MOST need to keep blood pressure in check. This is most likely too much information for most people but this IS MY blog after all and I might want a good kick in the pants to keep on top of such things if this were ever the case.

SO......rather than spend too much time gazing at Facebook entertainment and reading too many blogs I should give MYSELF a good kick in the pants and go plan the meals for the rest of this week and next while I will be gone. Everyone will thank me and I might not bite their heads off so much either. Sigh. Organization.....perserverance......self-discipline.......phew!

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