Thursday, October 22, 2009

Almost done and cooking from scratch

The second coat of polyurethane is going on and we are definitely in the home stretch. I don't think there is any other way he would have gotten this thing done except to go all out and work intense hours on it to complete it. I think I heard the vestments talking last night and saying something about the rumor that they won't have to fear for their lives for much longer. I am sure I heard them. Ok.......getting a little (a lot) tired.

We have NOT eaten together very much lately and that has to start happening again. I can't seem to manage to get food done at a reasonable hour anymore either. Cooking from scratch is what I always do (mostly) and I can tell you quickly why I have never been very successful keeping up with the winter squash in the past. It takes too much time to prepare. I am hoping to get a bunch peeled up and frozen so dinner is not so time consuming. The preparation and clean up is making me a little nutty. Pots and pans all over the place. The veges were free though so I should use them. Sigh. I shouldn't have any trouble sleeping through Ingrid's teething tonight. Yikes. I still need to clean up the mess and the kids still have some homework to do. Double sigh.


Susan said...

Karin, you and other bloggers have commented in the last few weeks about how much time squash takes. Am I boring in how I cook it, or what? I think it's one of the quickie veggies. Well, quickie as far as prep time, not cook-time. I grease a jelly roll pan, cut the squash in half, place it cut-side-down on the cookie sheet, and pop it in the oven for an hour or hour-&-a-half (depending on how hot the oven is for other things). When it's soft, I scoop it out with a spoon, dump it in a bowl, dot with butter, sprinkle on a little brown sugar, salt, pepper. It takes about 3-4 minutes more of my time than opening bags of frozen veggies. Quicker than slicing tomatoes. WAY quicker than preparing fresh green beans. Quicker than shucking ears of corn. Quicker than washing lettuce for a salad.

Karin said...

I guess I need scooping lessons or something. The peel keeps breaking off in pieces when I do it that way. I picking through the thing grabbing out pieces. If it were already peeled, which takes time, I would just mush it up and be done with it. The peeling is pain. I will perservere and I am sure get better at it. We have it so I should use it. Check back in a year. :o)