Thursday, October 08, 2009


I shouldn't get my hopes up or plan fun things. I was hoping to go to Ft. Wayne today and do something fun with the kids for a change but the little Fefan is not feeling the best. I can neither take him with or leave him home to torture Matthew. What would be the point of that . He is simply miserable. So we are going to do the usual school thing/cleaning gig and maybe I will go this afternoon if he is feeling a little better. I will just go by myself with the Ingrid if that is the case. My younger children seemed most confused anyway about what we were doing so I suppose it is best not to confuse them and just stick to the home front. Dragging seven kids to do anything is another word for torture at times anyway. Sigh.

Time to go figure out how to help Stefan now. Hope he spends some quiet time today. It's been basic crying and screaming so far.........

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