Saturday, October 17, 2009

Squash Mobile

Today Erik went to help our vege farmer friend clean up his fields. I winterized the bees there this morning and when I picked him up, he let us pick some butternut squash to take home. When he says pick some squash, he means the equivalent of ten bushels. Last week we probably brought home 7 bushels of acorn squash and spaghetti squash and this week we probably brought home seven of butternut squash. I have squash to share. I am hoping to use it a lot this winter. Half the battle is finding the energy to process it so you can eat it. Perhaps we will all turn orange. Matthew hates butternut squash so I am not sure how that will work for him but the rest of us love it.

My van was full of acorn squash last week and is now full of the butternut. I drive the squash mobile. I hope to give some away tomorrow morning. There is no way we can eat all that.

It has been a long day. I am asleep in my chair but should go make some granola for my hubby. He is preparing to attempt to stay on his feet to stain the vestment cabinet. It is beautiful. I suppose some would say too beautiful but like anyone in their work, he does not like to do something half way and there is something to be said about having something nice for the vestments anyway. I hope to help him carry the back of the cabinet into the great room here in a minute and I hope I don't hurt my back. I have a twinge from carrying it from the barn to the front hallway. Rats........

Squash anybody????

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