Thursday, October 08, 2009

Made lemonade

Since we did not go to Ft. Wayne today, I decided to attack the house when I wasn't taking care of the little fellow. He slept for three hours this afternoon and woke up hungry. While he was sleeping I had all the kids remove all of their clothes from their dressers and bring it down to be put away. I asked that they keep only long sleeve/long pants (that would be winter) stuff in their closets and everything else had to go. It is occurring to me that I didn't even bring in any winter clothes from the storage area and they had enough already squirreled in the closets to call it good. I think that means they have too many clothes. They now can close their closets and life is a lot less overwhelming in there. I still have Stefan and Ingrid's stuff to go through. Perhaps I will get to that next week.

I went through my closet and it was like shopping without going shopping. I have these three baskets on top of my wardrobe that house the opposite season clothes. This seasonal switch is like visiting with old friends so I suppose going shopping without leaving the house was not so bad. Low and behold I found three pairs of skinny jeans in there. Phew. I needed those. I also found my belt so if they still don't fit I am armed to not have to keep pulling up my pants. That's another phew. I feel ready to face the winter now.

I now have four bags of stuff for the seminary and I am sure I could come up with a lot more. I was going to take that stuff today but obviously that didn't happen so I will have to find someone going that way to take them along with them. They are screaming to leave our house!

So the day was not too bad and hopefully no one else decides to get sick as soon as my eyes close tonight. Poor little Stefan got sick in the night and I never heard it. Being an inexperienced sick kid, it did not occur to him to call for me. He just went back to sleep!!!! Poor thing. Sorry if you just ate dinner.............

That is all for today...........I think.........

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Susan said...

You're looking for skinny pants? I'm looking for fat pants! [Good for you. Pouting for me...]