Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mom observation

I am sure this applies to dad's too. Yesterday, as I was developing an acute case of cabin fever, and I had finally gotten everyone to bed, I decided to sit down...........alone in my a M*A*S*H episode...........and eat ice cream. When I dish myself that 'eat by yourself quietly' bowl of ice cream I look forward to the silence and reveling in every bite. Well..........five minutes into the eating process, here come Cecilia who sits on the couch and stares at me and then starts crying. "What's wrong daughter dear and why are you up and why are you crying?" "I don't know........sob, sob." says Cecilia. Well she was probably crying because her mother dared to watch something without her and dared to eat ice cream alone. I also get this picture in my mind of the badger Francis and her thinking about what the moth on the screen reminds her of..........whack and smack goes the wings on the screen..........whack and smack remind her of.......I love that book.

The observation was, your own families tend to take great liberties whining at their mothers. Whining at mom is an inalienable right. It seems never ending on some days and then my poor husband comes home and makes some Mr. Obvious observations about what is amiss in the house and in his innocence can not understand why his wife is growling at him.

Mom, what is there to eat?

Mom, I can't find my math book.

Screaming at sibling over offense.

No mom, I do not have my assignments done.

Fine! I will do my homework that was due two weeks ago. Stomp, stomp.........

Karin, it looks like people in this house have thrown their stuff all over this room! (they did honey. Obvious. but thank you for pointing that out to me or I may not have noticed.)

So........all of these things are in the whining category. Funny, we spend most of our life whining. If a friend calls, then we hear their whining and they hear ours. What a hoot. I personally am suffering from acute cabin fever and have a HIGH need to interact with ADULTS so nearly a week of just dealing with my poor family, who as most families, sees mom as the person to whine and be disagreeable to, I am looking forward to seeing other humans! Funny as well, if non-family members whine at me about their troubles, I don't even care!!!!! I laugh or listen intently and am comforted that it isn't just me. I shouldn't laugh at their suffering but they are laughing too.

Laugh more. Listen more. Oh..........don't whine at the mom or at least limit your whining. She already knows your troubles and is just trying to help make them go away. Maybe I need to move into Erik's hermitage but of course I hate camping so scratch that thought. Do remember to clean up after yourself and probably most of all (non-reality thinking) instead of whining about the state of affairs, roll up your sleeves and do something about it!!!! EVERYONE might learn something by your willingness to make some of the subject of whining GO AWAY!!!! Now I will have to have my kids read my blog...........


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