Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Forgot what day it was

This morning I indulged myself by sleeping til 7:15. It was great. No kids were up (yet) so I decided to get a few things done. Why not? I can get so much more done if the kids are still sawing logs. So I decided to just let them sleep while I brewed my coffee (naughtily drinking caffeine in the morning again) and checked the old email and then decided to wash the floor under the dining room table. It was getting very disgusting and the time seemed right. Low and behold Stefan was a the table and he had retrieved a sipper cup from the fridge and was sucking it down as fast as he could. I don't think he drank enough yesterday. I washed the floor while he jabbered away about what I was doing. I love these two year old moments.
All the while I was thinking about how I had til 10:30 or maybe 11:00 until co-op started and what might I get done in that time. Still no other kids were up and then around 8:15 it dawned on me! Ack!!!!! Tuesday is piano lesson day!!!!! AT 9:00 a.m.!!!!! I forgot!! Well the mommy alarm went off loud and clear, the kids understood perfectly that there was definitely a problem and they needed to move fast. In fifteen minutes they got dressed, ate, got their music and made it to the van. We made it to lessons with five minutes to spare. I am not sure what is wrong with my brain but my floor is clean now.

Oh.........just as I was getting ready to run out the door Stefan threw up. The milk he got from the fridge was bad and for some reason he still drank it. He is fine now but it took the morning for his stomach to settle down. Poor kid. Poor Erik who was left with him and got to clean the throw up off the couch. Sigh. Hope there is nothing going on tomorrow morning.

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