Friday, October 16, 2009

Not done yet

Cecilia got sick last night so clearly her headache from the other day was not just a form of the sickness or maybe it was. Hopefully she is done. This sickness seems to be never ending. I should have done what the Great Brain's mother did and shoved them all in bed together or something and perhaps gotten this over with a long time ago. There are people in this world who know how much I loath the stomach flu in large families. I am not crazed or a control freak but practically speaking if someone says there is stomach flu in their family I very well might take my children and run like the wind. You have permission to run like the wind from us. It won't offend me and don't overprocess my feelings while you do so. Ingrid was so pathetic with it and the flu has otherwise just been taking it's sweet time getting through the family. I just pray Charley is spared as he has his 'project' to work on.

I need to go reboot the laundry and muster the strength to declutter some of the house. I have a compulsion to wash the floors over and over again. How do you know they are really clean???? I hate the stomach flu!!!!

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