Friday, August 03, 2007

Auction day

As it turned out, I ended up buying back our turkeys and we already planned to buy back our swine as it was sold already. Martin's turkeys went for way too low so I suddenly became a buyer for the first time. Matthew took his birds out to the table and I proceeded to bid with a set goal in mind as to the acceptable minimum. THe bids never went above the goal so home they come. I figured we could sell them on the side for more than what was offered and when I got a hold of Charley at work he realized that yes, this was true and he thanked me for thinking on my feet there. The boys need to work on a buyers group if they intend to make anything off of their animals at the auction.

Other auction observations were of the my favorite older 4-hers. Some had class and courtesy down to a fine art and it was nice to see these young people handling themselves well. There were the cute first year 4-hers who did well with cuteness. There were a few young ladies who had the fake, model smile down to an art and I did observe they did not necesarily do well with their sales. THe ones who did the best had a group that worked together.

Needless to say I was VERY tired from being out in the heat with Stefan all day. I even went on a walk with Cindy this morning before it heated up too much. Charley made it to the auction a few minutes after the boys were done. I did eavesdrop on a few farmers behind me discussing the price of corn and the general farmer debates so that was entertaining as well. It was sort of fun to watch these farmer families in action. THe older generation dressed like the typical farmers with the feed coop hats, farmer shirts and they talked shop. THe little farmer kids were cute and you could tell who the real worker kids were. Our kids don't have a chance against the old timer farm families. It seemed the Grand Champion must have been decided before the show even started as the winner was VERY young and it seemed unlikely to me that a first year 4-her would know how to produce or find a Champion without help.

Well....once again it is time to toss kids in bed. Erik leaves tomorrow for Colorado. Animals are picked up, and Anna will probably want to sew all day. Maybe I will begin the throw out festival again and find some more of our house.

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