Saturday, August 25, 2007


So it is Saturday again and Ihave too many goals. I also only have about three hours to complete them in. We our out of liquid gold (otherwise known as milk) so need to go get some of that. I would love to plan my meals for next week so I don't get caught off guard on a busy afternoon. Then.....I was reading the kids science book and see that there a few little supplies that we need to have the best experience so would like to go get those.

Old friends are coming over later this morning. We have tried to get together all summer but due to some very odd ailments, it has taken till this weekend to get this to work. The news is that a few of the kids have grown a lot so it will be fun to see them. Is it any wonder that kids in their teens are cranky when they grow literally inches in a short period of time. Our oldest son grew at least nine inches last year! Talk about needing sleep!

The lawn has grown a ton in a week so perhaps I can squeeze a half an hour of lawn mowing in this morning. I hear it is not going to rain today but will have to check out the forecast again to make sure. My sympathies to those who have water in their basements. THat is a job and a half. I remember the summer I was expecting Matthew and all it did was rain and be incredibly hot. THat was the summer our drier broke and trying to keep up with air drying the clothes was a royal pain. My cute husband thought his dear wife could handle it and I was not quite as obnoxious as I am now so I just endured. If the wife isn't whining too loudly, then everything must be fine, right? Then.....a dear friend told me to give him a deadline to fix it and lay the ads out on the table for drier sales. It worked. THe drier was declared dead and off to the appliance store we went. He had a happier wife and more clothes to wear.

Off to tackle the list.

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