Thursday, August 23, 2007

Second day and road trip

School went smoothly again today. We teacher folk realized that we are going to be whooped puppies by the end of the day when we do full days. I guess we will sleep well. But what about when we don't want to sleep and we would rather play and do irresponsible things like watch a movie or whatever? I think I am going to be a very naughty old person. When old people say they can't sleep well at night why don't they go hang out with their friends? Sounds like fun to me. I should have gone and played cards in the middle of the night with my grandma when she couldn't sleep. Clearly I need to go to sleep.

I did take a road trip this afternoon to my parents. We had the traditional Mac and Cheese - homemade mind you - and chocolate pudding for desert. Cecilia asked why I never made chocolate pudding. I told her it was because grandma makes it. It was raining when we left their house and it is raining again, with severe thunderstorm warnings. I let the kids go back to bed since it looks like the worst is past. to catch some winks before tomorrow.

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Presbytera said...

I still have all of next week before we begin school. We always start AFTER Labor Day and finish BEFORE June. I desperately need 3 months off during the summer.

I was thinking about homemade macaroni and cheese today. It was a staple growing up.

Today we have a bright sunny day -- it will be in the 90's and very humid so the a/c is on. I thank God for that!