Sunday, August 26, 2007


Another busy day. Church was grand this morning. Stefan took a nap at the appropriate time and a great sermon is icing on the cake. Bible class was sort of a blur but I did have a nice talk with another mom while chasing Stefan through the basement hallway.

We went on a shoe hunt this afternoon for Erik. He has officially outgrown or bypassed his father in shoe size. We got a pretty good price for a nice pair of shoes so I am satisfied. It was odd to shop for such large, grown-up shoes for the child who used to have such cute little feet. How did that happen? We have not figured out pants too well for him as boys this age are skinny and long. None of them seem to work great. Perhaps I can drag him to a tailor to try to straighten out the one pair that seems to work the best. I got him two pairs last spring that he seemed to grow out of literally overnight. He work floods for the summer till I found the time to update last weekend. Poor boy. He doesn't seem to complain too much.

This evening I worked on a little lawn mowing, lesson planning and laundry folding. The lawn mowing was the most satisfying. Tomorrow we need to yank the honey supers off. I am giving up on finding the perfect day to do this. We may have to yank them off early Tuesday. We shall see but the honey must be extracted soon and things cleaned up for the fall. I am most curious if the bees ate all of the honey with all of this rain we've been getting. Stay tuned.....

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Anan said...

"yank the honey supers off"... That sounds kind of ominous (or painful). Can't I just lift them off? "Yank" always makes me think of big, quick motions. That might not be wise when it comes to bees. I anticipate many bee stings to come. Oh joy.