Saturday, August 25, 2007

Busy day

So it rained all morning and I dodged the raindrops to do some errands. I have a horn mouth piece again so can warm up Krispy Kruspe again. I should make some time just to do that.

My friends came as scheduled and we all had a very nice visit. Their little guy is our Godson and he jabbered away at us most of the day. He even told Anna he was taking her home with him and to get in the van. Pretty smart guy for a three year old huh? He is just cute. The weather did cooperate so we could all spend some time outside. The time went too quickly and they were on their way home. THey forgot their camera and we fortunately saw it right away so Charley got to have a MacGyver moment and jumped in his car to chase them down the road. He caught up with them in time to their surprise.

Charley got some work done on the garage which was nice. I think we should put a car in the garage and take a picture just to see what that is like. We had some good conversation about some possibilities for that room. We haven't had too much time to process that though so I think just processing the possibilities will take some time.

Our friends left a little before dinner as one of them was not feeling too well so....we were spontaneous and had some other friends over for dinner. I had already prepared a meal and we had been struggling to find a time to get together with them so we were delighted they could be spontaneous as well and come over. What a social day!

Then.....after that I took a quick walk with a friend which was also nice. It was neither raining or sweating hot out. Now the dh wants to finish the movie we started a few nights ago so the day is still not done. It was a good day though.


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