Monday, August 20, 2007

A Busy Weekend

The highlight of the weekend was going to an old friend’s 50th wedding anniversary. There were so many people there that I knew from through the years . Our first pastor was there and the smile on his face and words of pleasure in seeing us was worth the whole evening. I took some funny pictures of him as some of my favorite memories of him were of the silly things we did at meetings. He has not changed too much despite losing his wife a few years ago. If there ever was a teddy bear of a pastor he was it. His preaching was great too. That was why we joined that church to begin with. Gospel and liturgical practice…..

The wife of the couple was and is one of my best friends. We spent the most time together when we attended the same church. We have been through the joys and sorrows of life together. Her life and mine have drifted as she is busy with her own kid’s lives and helping with grandkids and my life is busy with my own kids. We can still connect quickly and we still know what the other person is talking about without filling in the grey areas. I miss talking to her. So….we will make an effort to get together more often.

Seeing their kids, who are my age, was also a treat. Her daughter and I used to play horn and piano together and we would raise the rafters at church just having fun playing concertos and making music together. Sigh. That was a lot of fun. She would call me on a Friday and ask if I wanted to play a prelude with her on Sunday morning and we would just do it. We made awesome music together. It was an experience I value and will never forget.

We have both changed in many respects and our conversation was peppered with sharing what each other lives have handed us. Her life has certainly been far more challenging than mine through many health difficulties. Her life hangs in the balance literally but she looks good now and plugs along in a way that I am not sure I could. Her ability to do so does not make her super human either so my deep thoughts were of how no matter what our health or position, no matter how much someone holds a person up for their amazing abilities, challenges, busyness, ability to contribute to others, talent, etc….we are still sinners alike in need of forgiveness. I could be depressed that her life is so precarious or realize that none of us is any better off. Her worries and fears or faith and hope just get focused in a different way. My own grip on this issue is sharpened through 9 sinners bumping around together. The sweetest thing about our conversation was actually a small difference of opinion that came up. It was sweet in that our conversation was not focused on her frailty but was more like old times of discussing music, liturgy, old friends, etc. I am sure it was a treat for her as well to just have a normal conversation. I still think of her frailty but know I will not always remember to pray for her – guilt. Thanks be to God Jesus has that covered better than me.

So…..that was the weekend. Now we are gearing up for school and watching the rain. At least we are stuck inside and are forced to focus.

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