Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The basement day two...

So, back to the basement we went. I sorted books seemingly all day. Stefan played in the dust on the floor which cannot be a good thing. He enjoyed it though. Little children discovered forgotten toys and ran upstairs with them. It looks a tiny bit better now. At least I found a lot of non-fiction books and old favorite picture books to read to the kids. I threw out a whole bunch of junk again today. The carcasses of food eaten in the basement (mostly food snuck and eaten in the basement) and we didn't quite get to vacuming the cobwebs, dust, etc. up. I think someone is going to have to go on a little lego piece hunt or say goodbye to them.

The boys discovered walking on feed barrels like lumber jacks. That was an interesting discovery. I suppose that could be some sort of agility skill we could have them practice.

Charley and I discussed the garage project some. He has been working and working and working at the paid job so I think the garage project is still somewhat overwhelming and will have to wait till he is doing less at the paid job. We did clean the garage out some today though (for the third time I think). We still need to get rid of the unwanted furniture somehow. It really isn't worth anything to anyone so will probably have to have a bonfire and get rid of it. I think I may lock up the garage and bar the doors to it so they can't fill it back up with junk again.

I also paid the bills - wow. There's a sense of accomplishment. Now I am going to bed and try to get to sleep so we can start school tomorrow. Yay! Hello math and learning how to read and spell, here we come!

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