Thursday, August 30, 2007

Week in review

Monday: Had school, had anxiety attack over the mess in the basement, went to the pool and had fun, goofed off with friends.....

Tuesday: Had school (that went well all week by the way), removed and extracted honey in the afternoon and evening, collapsed into bed. We got approximately 13 gallons of honey this year. I can't remember what we got last year but I do know that if anyone has any excess water weight to get rid of, that donning bee suits in 87 degrees weather will do the trick. Water!!!!!

Wednesday: Had school, (it is always easier to be cheerful at someone elses home just for the record), went home and prepared for church and Cecilia's first communion (she's six..... ;o) couldn't resist). It was sweeter than pie to watch her and the other sweet little boy listening intently to Pastor talk with them before the service. Their eyes were wide and VERY attentive to what he had to say. Anna had done Cecilia's hair up cherub like, and she had on her Easter dress. She received two crosses as gifts afterwards and she lugged them around like teddy bears. We had to convince her to put them someplace safe before we could hang them up but they did keep breakfast, lunch, then finally on the wall. There was some crucifix jealousy drifting around the house that night and the next day. Who knew my kids would all want a crucifix of their own. That will make Christmas and birthdays a cinch I would say. We gathered at our house for ice cream and socializing afterwards. I know Cecilia will not soon forget the day.

Thursday: That was today, we had school....broken record.....and I could tell the kids are settling into the rhythm of the routine. There were less kids not listening (very good thing) and the house stayed relatively clean. Pretty good for 14 kids wandering around. My kids went to friends in the afternoon and I enjoyed a few hours of just Stefan and I bumping around the house, cleaning, sorting laundry and making a decent dinner. The bathroom got cleaner while Stefan took a bath. He took a second bath in the dog's water bowl and had to be stripped down and redressed. I spoiled his fun. I managed to wallow in some depression over my inability to keep up after the abyss of despair (the basement) and other places that seem to constantly be trashed. Pretty negative huh? I have NEVER been good at keeping up with this sort of thing and it basically leaves me feeling inadequate. Even more depressing. I know, I know, just do the next thing. Easier said than done some days.

This evening Anna and I went on a run to Walmart for mouse traps. It is getting closer to fall and the mice have decided to try for an early entrance. Ugh. I hate mice and this is the one thing I really hate about living in the country, critters. I saw a large possum (yuk) skipping across the driveway when we came home (yuk). I hate rodents more than ticks. Yuk, yuk, and double yuk. So......they make me feel like I am not keeping up as well. Aaaahhhhh!!!!!! The mice that is. The possum is just yuk.

Tomorrow we are going to the park to play. I might even have supper planned. Salmon!!!!!! Yum. One kid said something about pizza but salmon sounds better to me. Yum, Yum.

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