Monday, August 13, 2007

Wrapping up the summer

The turkeys and broilers go tonight. Phew. This is a relief for the worker bees. It is a relief for me as well. We need to hunt down the extractor for the real bees now too so we can finish that project up. Erik's one hive has four full supers. We have a hive at a vege farmers that needs some attention as well so the days don't get any less busy.

School is staring at me and I need to get stuff ordered. We have most of what we need but a few bigger purchases to make. I am excited to get going on it but on the other hand the family seems addicted to fun so it might be hard to transition.

Charley has a yucky case of poison ivy. He must have touched some and then rubbed it on his face and neck. I HATE poison ivy so I am hoping to figure out some sort of relief for him.

LEt's see......we had great fun with friends last night and just relaxed, ate, and chatted. The teens seemed less active then normal and content to just sit around. That was a little odd or perhaps Erik just wanted to spend some time playing football but he seemed happy enough.

Matthew is still book hungry and a trip to a local branch of the library left us less than satisfied. I will have to take him downtown to the main branch from now on. We have A LOT of books here though so am going to give him a tour of the bookshelves.

Anna seems motivated to start studying again. I'm glad. She has been practicing quite a bit too so I don't think she will need to catch up.

The house is clean, the baby seems fatter, what more can I say to update the readers.

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