Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Broilers and turkeys back.....

A good part of today was spent going to the butcher to get the pork, chicken and turkeys back. I have an amazing inability to stay awake while driving so that is bugging me. Yes, I stayed awake but there is something about driving that puts me to sleep. I am not even a daytime napper.

So.....all the critters are stored away now. Charley, with a little help from our friends, cut chicken into pieces, bagged and put them in the freezer. The pork was already wrapped so I just squirreled it away. I think since we are also getting a quarter beef from a friend, I am going to make out a menu that sort of revolves and doesn't need to be 'figured out' from day to day.

Stefan has been a little on the fussy side. I don't know if he is bored with his surroundings but when he is at someone else's home he is happy as a clam. Right now he is busy standing up and sitting down.

The kids are also a little on the crazed side and do silly things and run and scream just to charm me. For some reason I don't really find it charming. Why can't they be one of model groups of children who sit around and read books quietly? I suppose though if you are four and can't read this isn't really appealing.

Stefan just tipped over.......he's ok and heading for the stairs.....


Presbytera said...

I bet you get sleepy when driving because it is the one part of your hectic day when you slow down enough and stay in one place long enough for the tiredness to overtake you.

What a joy that the turkeys are now officially meat and no longer have to be taken care of!

If you ever meet one of those perfect families -- let me know. I know that I never have!

Karin said...

You are probably right about the driving thing.

I see the perfect families on the cover of homeschool magazines.....good thing the people in the pictures don't move like the photos in HP. Their cover would be blown.