Monday, August 06, 2007

My Son Matthew the HP addict

Son.....please go get dressed so we can get something done around here and......don't read HP ok?

"Oh, ok mom."

Silence in the bedroom........"Matthew? Are you reading HP????" "Uh, uh......yes, mom"

Ok, so it is sort of fun to see my obsessed son addicted to reading HP. He is in the middle of number seven and even upon threat of losing it the rest of the day he will still risk reading it. Isn't that cute????? He is still alive so that is good news. Others have expressed their pride in his enthusiasm. Ok, ok, so have I. What to do with this enthusiasm though when the house is a veritable dump. Ok, so I will try to restrain my blogging so we both suffer.

The picture was taken at the beach after the van break in.......still reading HP in the face of adversity.


Anita said...

Have hime do what I'm doing, listen to the audio books. I'm trying to catch up. Last night I finished POA and today I've been listening to GOF While I clean an rearrange furniture. It's amazing how much less annoying children's noises can be when you're wearing a head set, LOL. Although lately my internal dialog has been sounding an awful lot like Jim Dale:))

Karin said...

Smile. The poor boy suffers from listening on tape paralysis as well. It is a good thought though. I CAN do that though as I suffer from compulsive moving disorder - otherwise known as ADD.