Monday, January 19, 2009

Another funny dream

This time we were all at church on Sunday and it was the end of the service. There were some construction workers outside the walls and there were construction evidence inside of the church. The pastors had exited the church and were waiting to greet people in the back when suddenly some guy comes and tells us that the walls are unstable and we should really get out quickly. Well, we have this tradition of the ushers, ushering everyone out so no one got up to leave. The ushers must have left as no ushers came to usher us out to greet the pastors. Then, suddenly Pastor Stuckwisch ran back up the isle and into the sacristy declaring he needed to blow his nose. Hmmmm.......Anna thinks that last part was because of a discussion the two of us had about Matthew. We were sort of giggling that the poor boy would have to learn better sinus habits if he ever thought he wanted to become a pastor. The church falling down part I think came from another discussion at church about how there were some pressing needs at the church that needed attention and someone used the phrase of the church falling apart.

Then the dream progressed to my saying goodbye to Sandy before her trip and giving her a hug. So Sandy, hugs from the blog and from my dream. I will send you an email hug too. I missed being able to say goodbye to you on Sunday but I did in my dreams. You are in my prayers.

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