Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Giving blood

So Anna wanted to give blood today but her hemoglobin (or something related) was not high enough. She was bummed. I had Ingrid with me of course and the nurse asked Anna if the baby was hers. Sigh. She wasn't embarrassed, just a tiny bit annoyed. Anna then said that she thought all the hoity toity (spelling?) parents at the audition probably thought Ingrid was hers and that is why her mommy was holding the baby for her. (I haven't had a chance since she said that to point out that her mommy wasn't just HOLDING the baby.) I don't think she is upset with the me or the situation but I am sure it is awkward to be a young 17 year old with a four month old baby sister who might be hers in other people's eyes.

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Mossback Meadow said...

We will never forget Erin's first newborn outing to Kohls. Caleb was wearing her in a sling and 2 high school girls walked by and said, "he's a little young for that isn't he?"