Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snow, running around and the homelife

I think I am hiding right now from the reality of life with the kiddos. I better type fast. It has been a hectic day as I knew it would be. We are having more than the usual ammount of snow for us today and all week. I am keeping the plan to leave sometime on Thursday afternoon as the time to leave for Bloomington. They are calling for a foot of snow tomorrow and into Thursday but they say that is ending at one. Hmmm......we may be leaving a little later than I thought. Those people in Duluth who read this blog are not required to express any sympathy for us Southeners. I am actually delighted to get real snow but why does it always have to decide to come when I have travel plans????

Whenever I have a day to run around my children at home decide it must be a vacation day. Not. I find it very difficult to keep after the grading on days like this so I am in a 'give up' mode which I know just affirms their idea that they are on vacation. I NEED to go upstairs and round the troops.

Matthew had an orthodontist appointment, Anna had an organ lesson, and I had an appointment to see how painful it might be to renew my teaching license. I want to take a few courses to help me more effectively teach the kiddos English/literature and have been toying with taking a very slow journey towards working on a Master's in English. This may be totally insane but according to the lady I spoke with today, lots of people take this approach. I can not say I was that impressed with the interview itself but would have to take courses locally anyway so I can not be too picky. In light of my scary, screaming children I may even give up on the idea of a few courses to renew my teaching license but we shall see. Stefan must have a nap hangover or a nap cut short too soon to produce a happy child. Sigh.

Back to the vocation........

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Rev. Robert Franck said...

"they say that is ending at one."


"Those people in Duluth who read this blog are not required to express any sympathy for us"