Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cold walk, cold me

I don't think I have warmed up yet from my walk last night. I felt chilled to the bone as the saying goes and I can't say I have quite felt toasty since. I guess it was colder than I thought it was and the night was cold too. Our 'heating system' had a small failure as somehow the wood did not continue burning the way it usually does and formed a bridge in the middle. The house was FREEZING. I am now interested in finding some real long underwear and I did unearth my wool socks this morning as well. Brrrrrrrrrr.......

We plan to walk again tomorrow but the temperature is supposed to be a balmy 35 and not the 10 of last night. I must go find my latest read, set in South Bend, Death in Lacquer Red, which is just strange to read as all the locations are real places I drive by frequently and have been to. I feel like I am on a driving tour more than reading a story. I can't recall ever reading a book and having to orient my brain to where I am in town before.

Not much else to report. I did have the pleasure of going to a lovely baby shower and visiting with friends this afternoon. Fun.

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