Thursday, January 22, 2009

New list idea

So it occurred to me that my making lists for the kids to do was making me a little nutty. Why do I have to make them lists? They are aware of what they need to do so I turned the table on them and told them to write on the board what THEY got DONE in the day after they completed something so when their dad got home they had evidence of how they spent their time on the board. I figured it also might make them more aware of how they were spending their time.

I was discussing possibilities of what they might include in their list. I had also just taken notice that a certain child had VERY little underwear in their without embarrassing that child, I mentioned they could include changing their underwear on their list. Actually I think there are several kids who seem to have a mysteriously small number in their weekly laundry. I am referring to the younger children. My dear eldest made sure to put that top on her list. I couldn't stop laughing.

I would say that overall they were much more concerned about how they spent their time. I also called their day their "free time" as there is MUCH whining around here about not having free time. They consistently frittter time away during the day if they have a list made by mom on the board. They have seemed to have no awareness of how fast time passes. We shall see how this goes. Day one of a new idea always seems to go better. Consistency is always the challenge.

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